Continuation to my Berry Chocolate Mood….

I was in heaven last night….and no it was not because of my husband. The cupcakes that I baked were divine!! Berry filled chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache frosting and topped with a perfectly sliced strawberry. My house smelled of cocoa and brown sugar….what a more delicious way to end an evening. My husband asked if they were all going to school. I said, no but I am sharing a few. I shared the cupcakes with 4 friends and one gave me a compliment on how the berries just jumped out as you bit into the cupcake. She said that is what made it different and delicious. We came up with other types of toppings…melted White Chocolate with strawberries, Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Bark shavings (for Christmas) and many more than right now if I do think of them I will have to bake more….haha. Oh the possibilities….YUMMY!!!

This week I have several that I would like to try, Chai Cupcakes, Chocolate Pumpkin and maybe a Red Velvet Cupcake. This is becoming really fun and so therapeutic. My husband even found a warehouse that sells restaurant equipment and baking tools! What a guy looking out for his wife! He just wants more cupcakes….haha.

Well, here is a picture of my creation. Now please keep in mind that these are not my recipes, but recipes that are coming from books and websites.

I will post the recipe later this week. I am attending defensive driving this week and I am pooped, but I am becoming a safe driver….yeah right! Have a great night! God Bless.

PS: This cupcake is “All about the cake in a cup!”


In a Berry Chocolate Mood!!!

This past week has been a bit crazy. My daughter’s homecoming, my youngest son’s marching band competition and just life itself. They year is just keeps going faster and faster. I am stressed about many things, so therefore what happens when a woman is stressed…..SHE EATS CHOCOLATE!!!

So, tonight I will make Chocolate Berry Cupcakes. The cupcakes are filled with berries and topped with chocolate ganache and berries. I am only making twelve this time around. I feel bad because my youngest doesn’t like chocolate, so maybe I will make him Banana Nut Muffins…..mmmm.

More to come after baking…..

HCHS Senior Cupcakes

Well, last night was a long night! The baking process started off good, my house had a vanilla aroma and I could imagine the Sugar Plum Fairy dance around my kitchen…..then the stress begins. I tried to double up the batter and for some reason it didn’t work out. As the hours went by, I burnt 2 batches and had to throw them away…:( The frosting process was a nightmare. The blue icing turned out great, but the Red… turned pink! WTHeck! So much for Spiderman. By 1 am in the morning I was done. I get to bed and my husband makes a comment….”Guess, you were a little frustrated and your new hobby isn’t working.” I am not GIVING UP! This week is a bit busy, but maybe I will crank out some Halloween Cupcakes, but I won’t make 100 of them.

Once transported and delivered….the students loved them. The compliments came rolling in and it made a crazy Monday turn into a happy Monday. It was fun and I can’t wait to bake some more.

HCHS Senior Cupcakes