HCHS Senior Cupcakes

Well, last night was a long night! The baking process started off good, my house had a vanilla aroma and I could imagine the Sugar Plum Fairy dance around my kitchen…..then the stress begins. I tried to double up the batter and for some reason it didn’t work out. As the hours went by, I burnt 2 batches and had to throw them away…:( The frosting process was a nightmare. The blue icing turned out great, but the Red…..it turned pink! WTHeck! So much for Spiderman. By 1 am in the morning I was done. I get to bed and my husband makes a comment….”Guess, you were a little frustrated and your new hobby isn’t working.” I am not GIVING UP! This week is a bit busy, but maybe I will crank out some Halloween Cupcakes, but I won’t make 100 of them.

Once transported and delivered….the students loved them. The compliments came rolling in and it made a crazy Monday turn into a happy Monday. It was fun and I can’t wait to bake some more.

HCHS Senior Cupcakes


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