Wedding of the year!!!

I can honestly say that so far, these are my favorite cupcakes! They were special to me because of the special couple. I was honored to be asked to bake cupcakes for Amanda Potter’s bridal shower. I was nervous, but I knew that these had to look pretty and taste DELICIOUS! I needed the right wrappers and the cutest trinkets, thanks to my daughter, Marissa, for helping me find them. The diamond rings, the double hearts and the ivory wrappers…Perfection!

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes with

Raspberry Preserves and Fresh Raspberries.

The house smelled of vanilla and fruit, then came the Buttercream frosting with raspberry puree. As the frosting turned into a pastel pink color I smiled and I knew that these were my favorite by far. Every detail had to be perfect…down to the pearls.

I added powdered sugar on some of them, cause I knew some of our guests could not eat the frosting.

I was careful on the delivery and now for the presentation! I had three great ladies that helped me with the display.

Cathy D., Linda D and Staci B.

you guys are the best and I am so glad you asked me to baked these!

Wishing Amanda Potter & Joe Mellor the best!