“Cocktail Cupcakes” Yum!!!!

For the past few months I had been thinking about baking alcoholic cupcakes. You have seen them do it on Cupcake Wars or on other TV shows, so I decided to go for the recipe book. I got my recipes from “Booze Cakes” and let me just say “what a book”!! It even had a booze metter – ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

I planned it out, made sure I picked the right cupcakes, the right drink and perfect evening. I haven’t bought booze like this in a very…..very long time. I didn’t know what kind of liquor to choose….cheap or expensive. I just knew that I wanted them to taste good. As I went to Spec’s with my husband and son, I was overwhelmed with all the liquor bottles and the different color bottles and sizes. So I settled for small containers, but better booze. I was happy…..also with the wine samples they were handing out. :).

The next day the baking began. With the help from a good friend, I know I could not have done this without her.

She helped me mix, pour and bake. The table was set, the candles were lit and the menu was in place.

From Left to Right: Mojito Cupcakes, Rum Chocolate Cupcakes,

Long Island Ice Tea Cakes, Peachy Keen Fuzzy Navel Cupcakes,

Wine Merlot Cupcakes

The biggest hit of the night were the Mojito Cupcakes. When I tasted the batter I knew those were the best. The mint and lime were perfect together and the whipped topping gave it the cook effect. I fell in love!

The Peachy Keen Fuzzy Navel – real peaches with Peach Schnapps….yummy! I smothered these with Orange/Peach Marmalade that contained Peach Schnapps as well.

Long Island Ice Tea Cakes – I added the liquor to this, then soaked them in more liquor. Not sure if you can tell the darker lines on the bottom of the cakes.ย  These were very potent on the Booze Meter! ๐Ÿ˜€

Wine Merlotย  were a bit dry. I am thinking that it changes the texture of the cake so it was not as moist.

To me “it’s all about the cake in a cup”. LOL

I enjoyed baking these cupcakes, having a great times with friends and family. I hope they enjoyed the evening as much as I did. I will look for more “tasty cakes” and have another get together. So, I recommend this book, go out and buy it, bake up some goodies for you and your friends and have a party. They are fun interesting and very GOOD!

Until next time……


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