#21EarlyDays – Day 2 with JRose!

Day 2:

It’s Wednesday! It’s WINE WEDNESDAY! The reason for the picture of the 2 chairs and 2 wine glasses. Hoping that tonight I will share a glass with someone.


I woke at 5am today, yes, 30 mins later, but I didn’t jump out bed like I was late for something. Instead, I sat up, stretched, gave my dog a kiss and then got out of bed. Since then I have had a cup of coffee, did two loads of laundry, paid some bills, sent a couple of emails and scheduled some stuff on Hootsuite for work and meditated.

Despite the news I received last night, I slept pretty good. I know it’s going to be a good, but busy Wednesday.

As the sun rises and shines through my window, I am reminded of the wonderful life God has given me. I make it rough on myself, I make it hard for my family. Well, those things will change…hopefully.

I know it’s only Day 2, but to keep this going this far, it’s pretty good for Jrose!

Happy Day everyone!


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