Day of Rest – #21EarlyDays with JRose

it’s not Day 6 – It is a day of rest for this chick! Well, actually no because I am working on social media and education stuff for work. But I did sleep in and it felt good. You know God rested on Sunday and I felt that I needed that too. I still managed to wake up early and enjoy the cool weather as I sat in the garage while my husband is building me a dining table. Whoo Hoo!

My view today for at least 5 hrs.

My view today for at least 5 hrs.

There is a lot to do today besides work stuff. I have laundry to put away (all that laundry I did last week), I have to spruce up my house, go grocery shopping and visit with my parents later today. Maybe I should have woken up earlier…*sigh.

Sundays are usually days that I like to unplug myself from the world, spend time with family and friends on a face-to-face basis. It’s hard when you have so many distractions, so many obstacles in your way. I will do my best to make that a goal in the future, but for today the internet is my friend because I am working. But with working I must have music. I can listen to pretty much anything, because music moves my soul. Today and almost every Sunday, I am listening to the station on Pandora called “Sunday Brunch”. Great jazz musicians from all over, new and old. I love it.

Another little tidbit from the book It’s Never Too Late by Patrick Lindsay,

It’s never too late….to enjoy the music

We all have unique soundtracks to our lives.

So free your spirit.

Surrender to the rhythm.

Let your mind chill.

Let your heart rise.

Music is what you make of it.

It calms.

Or raises passions.

It transports.

It recalls memories.

Happy Sunday!

Cheers, JRose


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