Day 6 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 6 – Well, last night was an evening to remember! As I was cleaning up our backyard, moving some things around, I was stung by a black wasp. That little sucker got me good on my wedding ring finger and it HURT! As I screamed bloody murder, cussed at the damn bug, I think I scared a couple of my neighbors. Haha! Icing it, took a couple of Benadryl’s and added baking soda…..IT STILL HURTS!  By 9pm I was out like a baby and then I wake up with throbbing pain to my elbow. Now, I didn’t mention that I am allergic to bees, but I thank God that I have yet to have a reaction. Phew! We will see how today goes. It’s a bit hard to type right now, but I am making it work. Bending it is the big problem.

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Anyway, the Benadryl kicked in a bit and I woke up at 5:30a and trust me it’s going to be hectic day. I have had plenty of coffee and now for a good green smoothie to kick in some energy. I cleaned my room, added a load of laundry to the washer, ate breakfast at 6am, worked on social media and now to get ready for work. This is the beginning of a great week and I am most certain that this #21EarlyDay challenge will be completed.

It’s never too late…..To Laugh at Yourself

Life is too short to take it too seriously

It’s easy to laugh at others—

much harder to laugh at ourselves.

But it’s more rewarding.

It lightens our lives.

It brightens others’ lives.

It builds self-confidence and self-worth.

It endears us to others.

“Laughter is the best medicine.” Proverb


Happy Monday!



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