Day 15 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 15 – It’s been a busy morning so far. I am working from home today and staying motivated. I posted all my social media for the day, though I am sure other stuff with come up. I walked and did 20 squats (ouch), yes I am in pain. I have paid bills, answered emails and phone calls. Life is good! Keeping that positive going throughout the day and moving it forward. Speaking of forward….maybe I will Pay it Forward today. Hmm…..that sounds like a good idea. I have some errands to run, so I just might find the right time to do that. Have you ever paid it forward?


Every day should be our day! So, let me get on my way! But first…..It’s Never Too Late

to go forward…..

If you are marking time,

you’re going backward

as the world moves past you.

Look ahead.

Aim high.

Push on.


Happy Wednesday All!




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