Day 20 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 20!!! WOW, just 1 more day and I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly. Hello October!

tumblr_mtzx79ZDUu1qa0w1qo1_500The one important thing that I have learned is eating healthy in the morning and going for a walk. I use to rush out the door and stop at the nearest fast food place to grab breakfast, eat it while driving and feel miserable for the next hour or so. I have saved money by not doing that, I have been selective on what I eat and then I take a nice walk to help digest. Not only that, but taking my vitamins and feeling energized has been great. I am more focused on my needs and at times my moods (not sure if that will change). But I know that my life has changed and I see things differently. I am out of my comfort zone and I never thought I would get there.

comfort_zone_quote_webToday I woke up at 5am and I have cleaned my kitchen, swept the floors, made my bed (that’s everyday), replied/sent emails, worked on social media for work and did some yoga (it’s raining and I can’t go for a walk). I cooked breakfast for myself and had 2 cups of coffee. I feel pretty good this morning, even though I went to bed pretty late. I will move forward this morning with lots of energy and ambition.

It’s never too late…to go forward.

If you are marking time,

you’re going backward

as the world moves past you.

Look ahead.

Aim high.

Push on.


Happy day!




Day 19 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 19 – Only 2 more days! Should I keep it going? I woke today at 5:30a, I didn’t do much around the house this morning, but wash a few dishes from last night, ate breakfast and had a cup of coffee. I did talk a “humid” stroll in my neighborhood this morning, phew it was HOT! Where did the autumn weather go? I posted the social media for work this morning and answered a few emails. The sun is bright and the rain is supposedly to arrive this afternoon…we shall see.

Last night was not a good night in Casa JRose. If you are a parent of college kids, you just might sympathize with me. We work hard to keep a nice house, a good environment and well a safe place to dwell. But when things (rooms) become disarray, this momma gets frustrated. You have heard the saying, ‘I don’t get paid to be a maid in my own house!” Yeah, that was me last night. I am somewhat better this morning, and I shouldn’t sweat the small issues, but man, it’s hard!


I will go on with my day, go on with my work and come home to hopefully a peaceful environment. Then go to bed early and start all over again.

It’s never too late… love unconditionally

Love can be liberating.

Or it can be confining.

Long-lasting love must be without conditions.

It must allow room for growth.

For expression.

For freedom.

For mistakes.

For forgiveness.

Unconditional love has no limits.

Happy Day!



Day 18 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 18 – WOW!! I can’t believe that I have been doing this for 18 days! Today, I woke up at 5am and much has already been done. I am really enjoying the early mornings, getting things taken care of and not having to rush to get dressed and beat the traffic. As I drink my cup of coffee, I listen to some smooth jazz on Pandora and read the current news reports. I look around my room and see what I can change, then walk to the living room/dining area and admire the dining table that my husband built for me. I sit and finish my coffee, look out the window and pray that Monday is a good day.


I spent a lot of time at home this weekend. It was relaxing and much needed. I finished up many personal tasks that needed to be taken care of. I cleaned out my email account of unnecessary stuff that needed to go away. Old emails that didn’t matter anymore and unsubscribed to many others. It was time to break away…..

It’s never too late….To break away from the herd.

It can take cold courage.

It’s your chance to follow your heart..

lift your head up,

choose your own course.

It can bring disdain and abuse.

But it will also bring esteem

and admiration.

But, above all, it brings self respect.

Stand on your own feet.

Be an individual.

Happy Monday!



Day 17 – #21EarlyDay with JRose!

Day 17 – Happy Friday all!! Today is going to be a FABULOUS day! I feel refreshed, positive and joyful. I got some laundry out of the way, had only one cup of coffee, posted social media for work and now it’s off to get ready for my day.

Happy-Friday (2)As I look out my window, I know I should be taking my morning stroll, but I am not. Maybe I will just do some squats this morning and get my energy level pumped. I got wrapped up in conversation with my sister-in-law and time got away from me. But nonetheless, our conversation was a good one and I ❤ her very much. I pray that peace is now a part of her life and moving forward will be a great thing.

It’s never too late….to find peace

Nobody can prevent you from finding peace.

Unless you empower them.

If something is stopping you from reaching it,

act on it.

If it’s outside your powers,

stop worrying about it.

Peace comes from within.

Search inside yourself.

Happy day everyone!



Day 16 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 16 – My apologies for not posting this morning, it’s been a busy day. But I wanted to make sure I kept my word not only to myself, but to those reading and following my little blog. I woke up late, I didn’t have a chance to walk or clean my house. But that’s okay, my day was still productive and fun. Lots of laughs today at work, we even got “Y’all are too loud.” OOPS! Oh well, good times at FES.

This one is going to be a short one, because it’s late, I am tired and 5a comes around really quick.

It’s never too late….To Keep Your Word

Your word is unbreakable.

Make it unshakeable.

Don’t promise if you can’t deliver.

Always deliver if you promise.

Good night!


Day 15 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 15 – It’s been a busy morning so far. I am working from home today and staying motivated. I posted all my social media for the day, though I am sure other stuff with come up. I walked and did 20 squats (ouch), yes I am in pain. I have paid bills, answered emails and phone calls. Life is good! Keeping that positive going throughout the day and moving it forward. Speaking of forward….maybe I will Pay it Forward today. Hmm…..that sounds like a good idea. I have some errands to run, so I just might find the right time to do that. Have you ever paid it forward?


Every day should be our day! So, let me get on my way! But first…..It’s Never Too Late

to go forward…..

If you are marking time,

you’re going backward

as the world moves past you.

Look ahead.

Aim high.

Push on.


Happy Wednesday All!



Day 14 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 14 – It has been a glorious morning!! The temperature is a cool 66 degrees and I actually took a walk this morning. So nice to watch the sun rise as you walk into it. I have taken care of laundry, the pets and the kitchen. I went to bed early but I did wake up at 5:30a, I think my body is telling me that I need rest on hectic days. So, I will take it!!


Yesterday was an AMAZING day! It did start off a bit hectic and sad, but by noon things started to turn the other way. When it came to work, the new client calls kept rolling in and that is a great blessing. The personal side of my day our family received great news! Our dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer 2 weeks ago and well, he saw the urologist yesterday and he DOES NOT have cancer! How amazing is that?! The doctor was a bit dumbfounded and couldn’t understand why the other doctor diagnosed him with that. He ran some tests and they all came out cancer free. All I can say is that God is good and prayers are heard. I give all the thanks to Him.

It’s the first day of Autumn and I am going welcome it with joy, happiness and much love!

happy autumnIt’s never too late… change your routine.

Routines can be efficient,

Even comfortable.

But they can also be limiting.

Even mind-numbing.

Take control of them.

Be adventurous.

Vary them.

Explore new ways to travel to work.

New places to eat.

New destinations to holiday.

Expand your horizons.

Happy Tuesday!