Day 9 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 9 – It has not been a good morning! I did get some laundry out of the way, cleaned my room and had two cups of coffee. But the emotions that have been running through my soul have me upset. This is a little excerpt of a Facebook message sent to someone. I have been a busy person working my ass off, taking care of my parents and trying not to worry about this. I am the one that reaches out to you and an everyone else….WHO REACHES OUT TO US? Think about that for a second.” Again, it hasn’t been a good start of the day. I haven’t meditated, which I know it will make it somewhat better. I would love to let the world know what is really going on in my life, but maybe at the end of my #21EarlyDays I will elaborate.

Right now, I will collect my thoughts, give them to God and move forward. So, a little #TBT with some good music from some of my favorites. It takes me back to the good times of life, simple and real.


To find out the facts….

We spend a lot of time jumping

…to conclusions

…or in at the deep end.

Stop a lot of the angst.

Check before you leap.

Ask the obvious questions.

Do your homework.

Don’t assume.

Challenge the obvious.


Happy Thursday!



Memorial Day/Graduation!

It’s been a busy two weeks and I can say that I am ready for my youngest to graduate high school on Saturday! This kid has made me very proud to his momma. His senior year was a busy one, from being the school mascot to helping out with PALS (mentoring little kids). It was a fun one though, not at all boring. Though it is surreal that he is my last one to graduate, it’s surreal that I will have all three of kids in college. Yikes!

As promised I wanted to show you all the Memorial Day cupcakes I baked. This was fun and so easy.


Now for the graduate!!



He was nominated Homecoming King. He didn’t win, but in our eyes he was KING!

46557_104321259627901_100001500826269_34835_7366403_nHe started his freshman year in the band and continued for 3 yrs.


Now all three of our children are adults. Words can’t describe how proud I am to be their mother.

God Bless all those who have graduates this year. You did a great job!