Memorial Day/Graduation!

It’s been a busy two weeks and I can say that I am ready for my youngest to graduate high school on Saturday! This kid has made me very proud to his momma. His senior year was a busy one, from being the school mascot to helping out with PALS (mentoring little kids). It was a fun one though, not at all boring. Though it is surreal that he is my last one to graduate, it’s surreal that I will have all three of kids in college. Yikes!

As promised I wanted to show you all the Memorial Day cupcakes I baked. This was fun and so easy.


Now for the graduate!!



He was nominated Homecoming King. He didn’t win, but in our eyes he was KING!

46557_104321259627901_100001500826269_34835_7366403_nHe started his freshman year in the band and continued for 3 yrs.


Now all three of our children are adults. Words can’t describe how proud I am to be their mother.

God Bless all those who have graduates this year. You did a great job!


Graduation approaches with CUPCAKES!

Graduation is just sneaking up on us! I was very happy to bake some wonderful homemade chocolate cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting for two of my favorite students.

Chocolate with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

The little gold balls are edible and the frosting hinted the taste of lemon that made it refreshing to the taste buds. 🙂

This is my son, Alex. He graduates on June 8th from Jersey Village High School. This school year has been filled with many exciting things and I am actually going to miss it.

My daughter captured this photo a few months ago as he was thanking me for being his mom and loving him unconditionally.

Alex - Class of 2013

Alex – Class of 2013

I can’t wait to bake his cupcakes for graduation!


This post is not about cupcakes. I haven’t really baked a lot these past 2 months because of the SENIORITIS that I think I have. 🙂 See my daughter graduates this year. She didn’t want a party, she said that she would wait for her 18th birthday. I was ready to back cupcakes with diplomas, caps and medals, but she said it would be more special on her birthday. Harry Potter comes out the week of her birthday, so HP cupcakes might be the order…:) The following “note” was posted on Facebook and I thought I would share it with you. I changed it up a bit in order to reflect a more up to date status. So here it is…..

Class of 2011 – Marissa Lynn

In less that 40 hours she graduates high school. In less that 40 hours she will throw away her high school notes, sell her high school books, donate her high school uniforms and remember the good times and the bad times she had at Houston Christian High School. She began high school at Jersey Village and without a doubt she knew in her heart that JV was not a school for her. The smaller setting of HCHS is what she needed. And without hesitation, she made the change and the change was AMAZING! Even though she left behind several good friends, she met new friends that are now a big part of her life. I have seen her grow from a shy little girl, to a confident, yet reserved young lady. She has big dreams and those dreams will come true because of what she has accomplished throughout her high school years. She overcame stage fright by performing a solo in front of an audience of 100+ people. She danced her way gracefully in the Doxa Dance CO her junior year, learned to play guitar and kept up her violin lessons every week. That same year, she jumped right in to becoming an amazing sound technician for that years musical, “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. That is when she knew what her major would be…AUDIO PRODUCTION. And with the help of Matthew Hager, a high school friend of mine, he gave her more insight and better direction that she wanted it even more.  She became President of the orchestra her senior year and took piano to brush up on her music theory. Again, she was sound technician for “Othello” and that was just by giving her 2 weeks notice.  must say the long nights were a nightmare, but she was confident and did her best to keep her grades up. She took Digital Music class and she had a blast. Learning to mix, write and produce songs all in her bedroom…..that is where it all begins. She has written two songs, produced them and one of them even won her a $3,000 scholarship to the Art Institute of Houston. Her DM teacher gave the staff and faculty a CD that had all the students songs and I was amazed at the talent that we have at HCHS. Marissa sang “Marry Me” by Train and I never knew that my daughter could sing…..she did GREAT! Nonetheless, she mixed that song in 3 hours, it was due the next day! WOW!

You know, God is so good and I can say that I am truly blessed to have the kids that He gave me. He gave me a daughter that….yes, is just like me and that is okay. I wouldn’t change a thing….well, maybe some things. 🙂

I owe it all to her teachers, her mentors, her friends, my friends, my family.  Because without you, your prayers and your encouragement, Marissa would not be who she is now and who she is going to become in the future.

This is my second graduation….two years ago Andy graduated and in two years Alex will graduate. Three different kids, three different paths and I am proud of them all!

To all the graduates in 2011, I say to you, may your paths be narrow, may your roads be rough and know that Jesus Christ is always with you. Congrats!