Let’s give this a little try….

2015 started out with a serious bang….I quit my job. But overall, it was a good thing. I had to move on with what was a priority in life….my family. Working long days, not cooking dinner, grouchy husband and restless adult children, I had to give in and find a job that would best suit my needs as a mom and wife. But that didn’t mean to stay home (though I did for 8 days).

My recruiter found me a part-time position as a receptionist, paying more than what I was getting at my old job and I go in for 4.5 hrs. SWEET! I can still make breakfast every now and then for the guys in the morning and my daughter and I can talk a morning stroll at the Houston Arboretum. I am able to clean house, do laundry and take care of my husband’s social media for Mancave Toyz. I can brainstorm about cupcake ideas and much more. I know this is going to be a good thing.

This weekend, I am going to bake a bit for my family. I want to try out some new recipes and a friend of mine sent me some homemade toffee to try which will go into a cupcake. Though I am in the mood to bake Neapolitan Cupcakes by Cooking Classy . So, it just night happen and stay tuned this weekend for pics and an update.

Getting bake to baking has made my heart a bit happier. I am always excited to bring out the mixer and spatulas. So, if you like sweets, keep it here and you just might see more of them and I will share recipes from great bakers all around.

Have a safe weekend!



Day 12 Rest Day – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 12 is a day of rest because it’s Sunday! Yeah, yeah, today was not an early day for me, but I did wake up at 7:30a. I got a lot done this morning which included running errands, a little bit of yard work and some cleaning of my house. It’s 6pm right now and I should be doing some laundry, but we just got back from the grocery store and I figured I owed my readers a blog today. 🙂

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We attended the Houston Vintage Market, I bought a cute vintage navy handbag that I LOVE!! My daughter bought a vintage camera and a locket that is very cute. Dinner was fun with my boss and co-workers. Then we came home and went to bed. I didn’t sleep well because the younger child was out with friends and well, momma always worries.


Today we had some friends over for the football game. It was fun having people over, I miss entertaining. It use to be a must in my home at least 3 times a month, but life has gotten the better of us and we simply just don’t have time. That’s it!! I am going to make time to do it again. I miss my friends and the fun times we had together. I need to make that happen!

Well, I need to get stuff done, but before I go here’s another little It’s Never Too Late….

 to make your house a home

Stamp your personality on your home.

Invest some love in it.

Give it something of yourself.

Your colours.

Your pictures.

Your favorite objects.

In return, it will welcome you

and your friends.

Happy Sunday all!