National Margarita Day

Sunday, February 22 is a great day! Hanging out in West University, Houston, Texas at Under the Volcano enjoying a delicious Margarita on the rocks. As we sit on the patio with fans blowing and it’s 75 degrees, two people having funny conversations, one person working on their laptop, another sitting reading the paper and their dog laying on the ground. I love Houston atmosphere and hospitality. People smile at you, say hello and are courteous to share a table with you. Sunday’s are my favorite day to relax out on a patio in Houston.


What do your Sunday’s look like? Do you enjoy the outside? Are you a inside bar only person? Whatever your preference is, enjoy yourself and surround it with good people, good food and good beverages.




Day 11 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 11 – Not a very good start of the day since I woke up at 7am!! Ugh! But I am moving forward and staying motivated this morning. I have paid bills, had 2 cups of coffee with toast, took my vitamins and have posted social media for the workplace. having the sunshine peek though my bedroom is always a good sign of a great day!


It’s a beautiful day in Houston, so we are heading out to the Houston Vintage Market and Festival today. I am such a vintage girl, I love the everything from the 40’s to 70’s. I grew up in the 70’s and I can go back to bell bottom jeans, big shoes, feathered hair and mini skirts. The 40’s were sharper and thin, the 50’s were a bit more ‘Coco Chanel’, the 60’s to me were Audrey Hepburn, the 70’s Charlie’s Angels! Love love vintage fashion!


The 40’s


The 50’s


The 60’s and Audrey!


My gals in the 70’s

To greet the dawn…..

It’s full of such beauty and joy.

And promise of new days to come.

It will charge your batteries.

Give you new perspectives.

And time to consider them.

Feel the glow.

The warmth.

Consider the possibilities.    From it’s never too late…..

Have a happy weekend!! See you all tomorrow…bright and early I hope.



Day 10 – #21EarlyDays with JRose!

Day 10 – I am not sure if the waking up at 4:30a is for me, but I did go to bed really late last night. I woke up at 5:30a, laid in bed for 15 mins, then decided to get up. I am not giving up, not giving in! I need to keep this going for 11 more days and this  time I will do it this weekend.

I haven’t done much this morning. It’s raining in Houston, flash flood warning all around and I need to head into work. I was able to stay home yesterday and work, but today I need to get out of this house. So, it’s going to be a comfy clothes day in yoga pants and a sweatshirt.


Yesterday was a day of rain, work, and cooking. Yes, I cooked DINNER! I haven’t used my stove in many weeks, the oven I have cause I have baked. It felt good to cook. While I worked in my bedroom office, Chuck the yorkie, snoozes all day. Man, why can’t we all do that. Instead of laying on his blanket, he felt the window sill was a better bed. Haha!


Well, Happy Friday all! I hope you have a great day and if you are in Houston, be safe on the roads.